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Business partners undergo a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that products/services meet the needs and priorities of Council Connections and our member Community Health Centers. In order to make the best use of time and resources, and to help triage and handle partnership requests, a written proposal is required. All vendors/suppliers interested in joining Council Connectionsí portfolio must submit a written proposal via mail to Amie Brown, Manager of GPO Marketing and Sales at the following address:

Council Connections
c/o Amie Brown
P.O. Box 880969
San Diego, CA 92168-0969

No proposals will be accepted via e-mail or voicemail.

At a minimum, proposals must include the following:
  • Annual Report with Corporate Background and Purpose
  • Description of Diversity Supplier/Community Benefit Programs.
  • Product Description (please include sample marketing materials)
  • Expected role of Council Connections
  • Benefit to Council Connections members (ex. Cost savings)
  • Benefit to Council Connections
  • References (preferably from non-profit community health centers)